Ricoh MP 5054


  • 50 ppm
  • Up To 200,000 Monthly Impressions

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Ricoh MP 5054

50 PPM Copier • Fax • Printer • Scanner
MSRP: $14,725.00
Max Monthly Duty Cycle: 200,000 impressions
2015 Pick Award Winner
LCT 1,500 sheets (RT3030) LCT 2,000 sheets (PB3260)
Paper-feed unit 1 x 550 sheets (PB3150) Paper-feed unit 2 x 550 sheets (PB3220)
Bridge unit (BU3070) Finisher 1,000 sheets (SR3140)
Finisher 3,000 sheets (SR3160) Finisher booklet (SR3170)
Finisher booklet (SR3150) Finisher internal (SR3130)
Punch unit (PU3040) Punch unit (PU3050)
Punch unit (PU3060) Tray internal shift sort (SH3070)
Tray one bin (BN3110) Bracket for key counter (Type M3)
Bracket keyboard (Type M3) Cabinet (Type F)
Caster table (Type M3) Display smart operation panel (Type M3)
Keyboard USB external Browser unit (Type M12)
Fax option (Type M12) Fax option connection unit (Type M12)
Fax option Super G3 second and third line (Type M12) File format converter (Type E)
SD card for NetWare printing (Type M12) USB device server (Type M12)
Interface 802.11a/g/n (Type M2) Interface Parallel (Type A)
64-MB fax memory (Type M12) Adobe PostScript 3 (Type M12)
IPDS unit (Type M12) XPS direct print (Type M12)
Bracket for card reader (Type 3352) Card reader for Smart cards (Type M12)
Copy Data Security Unit (Type G) Data Overwrite Security (Type I)
Counter interface unit (Type M12) Power filter ESP (XG-PCS-15D)
OCR unit (Type M2) Ricoh HotSpot embedded (Type S)



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