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Do you need to rent a copier, printer, or scanner? We have the equipment you want at the best prices.


Who wants to miss out on affordable copy machines, which allows you to avoid the initial capital outlay required for outright purchase? 

At Off Lease Deals, we offer a tax-efficient and well-established form of financing, allowing cost-effective trade-up access to modern technology at the right time. We can also let you know how copier leasing or purchasing can be adapted to suit the preferences of a particular business. So, if you want to buy used copiers or printers, look no further, Off Lease Deals has got you covered.

What We Offer

  1. Budgeting: Several businesses earn revenue as the time passes – paying as you use sense: why payout in a single, hefty lump sum when copier leasing companies allow fixed, small manageable payments. It equates to pay as you use. Payments made during the period of a lease arrangement are not affected by interest rate changes; therefore, you can pay in advance for lease payments. Since cash flow may be forecasted, the cost of use can be compared with profits generated and projected revenue by the use of the printer/photocopier.
  1. Tax efficiency: By leasing through Off Lease Deals, you can reduce your tax bill considerably. If you lease copier machine, you can avoid paying the cost of the printer or photocopier upfront, reclaiming everything your payout on a ‘by payment’ basis – annually, quarterly, or monthly.
  1. Upgrading technology: It is well-accepted that a printer or even refurbished copier machines aren’t a business asset that appreciates. In fact, it depreciates faster than the large majority of purchased assets. So save purchases for assets that either depreciates less or appreciate. Leasing from printer leasing companies like Off Lease Deals would give you more freedom for up to date office equipment, ranging from copiers and printers, to be installed as needed, less affected by budgetary limitations. Thus, Off Lease Deals will allow printer and photocopier leasing to improve cash flow, creating a hedge against obsolescence, depreciation, and inflation. It permits you to leverage technology improvement during selection, that too, at an adequate cost. A photocopier lease with Off Lease Deals will comprise provisions to trade up to a recent model or, when required, to one that accommodates the higher features, speed, and volume your business needs at the right time, allowing you the freedom to upgrade without the need of purchasing a new one.
  1. Multifunctionality: Since the latest printer and photocopier machines are multifunctional, that is, they combine all the functions of a photocopier, document manager, color printer, printer, fax machine, and a pdf writer, it makes sense to have the ability of upgrading the facilities and products simultaneously instead of dealing with an array of outdated machinery. Thus, leasing from Off Lease Deals will greatly beneficial in this regard as well.
  1. Capital: Using capital for appreciating business purchases makes sense. Leasing from Off Lease Deals for office technology preserves business opportunities and precious resources for these purposes. Moreover, you’re able to optimize your use of commercial credit sources and preserve your current bank lines.

Off Lease Copiers for Sale

So, what’s with the wait? Call us now know about our copy machine lease rates; or our used copy machines are for sale.


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We are a new seller of off lease equipment, primarily copier machines. We have over 20 years of experience in this industry and look forward …

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